Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spare Bedroom Make-over

A few months back our laptop crashed. At that point, we decided we wanted a desktop instead of purchasing a new laptop. There was only one problem.

The internet connection was in our spare bedroom...not the office.

About 10 o'clock one night, we decided we wanted to switch the 2 rooms. We went and purchased the new desktop and stayed up until about 3 AM getting the new office just how we wanted it. The poor spare bedroom, on the other hand, has been in shambles ever since. Just before Christmas, I had almost gotten it just the way I had envisioned....only to wake up Christmas morning to a brand new TV for our master bedroom. I had been dreaming for months of watching movies every night as I lay in bed. This presented a new problem...

I needed the armoir that was in the spare bedroom, IN MY MASTER!

Just after Christmas, we got OUR room just perfect. (I bet you can't guess what's coming next)

That poor spare bedroom was still in a disarray! (No...I didn't take before pics...wishing I would have)

I finally decided to tackle it this week! So, today I went to DI (Utah's largest thrift store). And boy, did I find me some treasures!

I GOT ALL THESE GOODIES FOR JUST $14!!! I was thrilled. (the small mat in front is for my sister...matches her home just perfect. It was only 50 cents) Everything else, except for the bats (aren't they just darling...Only $1 a piece) are going in the spare bedroom.

I have a lot of spray painting on my hands today, but you won't hear me complaining :) And hopefully tomorrow, I'll have the reveal!

Stay tuned!

Pretty excited about that little wooden tool box/planter box. 

I love these little guys! They caught
my eye right as I was leaving the

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