Monday, February 27, 2012

Finally...Spare Bedroom Reveal!!!

No, I am not dead. Last week was crazy busy! My new nephew decided to make his appearance last Tuesday night. Needless to say, the blog was put on the back burner :)

Little Tristan...Only a couple hours old.

My honey and I spent a few days with this little guy and when we returned, had a busy weekend. 

Once on the back burner. 

So hopefully some of you will be as excited as I am about this room that I think turned out SO. CUTE. I was able to get one dreadful before shot. This was after a little bit of cleaning, mind you...

YUCK! Much of that is going to the thrift store ASAP. Notice the Christmas wreath that was never put away. Oops! Maybe this is why we haven't had many visitors the last couple months. haha

Here is the after...

LOVE this old wooden trunk. Found this jewel on KSL (Utah's version of Craigslist) for $10 bones. It's home to all of my purses...shhh! Today, before I finished putting everything together, I ran to DI. Came home with a few more things that worked in here just perfect! 

Picked this up, WITH the candle, for a whopping 75 cents! 

And this chicken wire basket was NOT going home with anyone else! I probably would have started a fight if anyone else were after it. $3 baby! 


On the other wall, is this. I'm pretty excited about a real collage wall :) I got the red magnetic board at DI for $6 along with the mirror for $1.50. The rusted, metal gardening tools came in a little boxed set I got while antiquing in Montana. The old truck picture is actually a greeting card that I found at a killer upscale decorating store in Ogden. Framed that baby in a thrift store frame/mat and I love it. I had planned on painting that frame and call me crazy...but I love the old look of it. The scratches and dings make it that much prettier :) 

This is on the wall at the foot of the bed between the bedroom door and the closet doors. Found that cute red frame with dried flowers in it at a yard sale a couple summers back for just a few bucks. 

Also found this on an antiquing adventure in Montana. Coolest level ever! Thought it fit perfect in here. 

There ya have it folks, my new spare bedroom :) Oh...I was slightly sick of the bedding that was in here as well. So, I ripped this comforter set off of our master bed. No big deal, right?! Just the need to buy something else for the master. But don't you worry...I have before and afters of that one! 

I'll be posting that one real soon! 

Come back and visit y'all! 


  1. Love your spare room. Wish we could have a spare as well but with three kiddos, we need all the space we can get. I am itching to refinish some older pieces of furniture, they don't make them like they used to, but will wait til we move! Room looks great!!

  2. Love it. I especially LOVE those old gardening tools. I never would have thought to put those on a wall, but the look great. It gives me loss of ideas. :) You have such a great sense for color and balance.