Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

Well folks, the time has finally come for my first "real" blog post. I'm super excited to be fulfilling my dream. Yes..I'm a nerd. A decorating nerd none the less! :) I have hundreds of blog posts running through my head, but today I wanted to share a few of my all-time favorite things....things that I use to decorate in almost every room of my house.

Now, this is my very first blog. I am certainly not a pro at this! I'm actually pretty unsure of what I am doing AT. ALL. So, DON'T JUDGE ME. :) Just enjoy!

I'll be back very soon with more creations, organizing shin-digs, and decorating adventures inside my home.

No. 1 Blue Mason Jars
These babies can be used for almost anything!

No. 2 Hydrangeas

These are my absolute favorite flowers! I love the country
feeling they bring to any space. And after all, "country"
is what I'm going for.

No. 3 Old Books

These old cook books work great on the kitchen hutch!

A few stacked here and there just add character and charm.


No. 4 Random Thrift Store Finds

Fell in love with this little gadget...
especially the color! 

This baby is just a gem! One day I'll
get to hang it on a fun patio as a lantern. But
for now, it works very well on top of the TV

    That's all folks! 

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  1. Yay! Can´t wait to see all of your great ideas and projects. We´ll have to do some while you are here. ;]